Hamazkayin New Jersey Chapter Holds Annual Meeting

Hamazkayin New Jersey Chapter Holds Annual Meeting

Seventeen New Members Boost Chapter Activities

RIDGEFIELD, N.J. (A.W.)—The Hamazkayin New Jersey chapter held its annual membership meeting on June 13, at Sts. Vartanantz Church in Ridgefield. The meeting drew 29 members of the local Hamazkayin chapter. Hamazkayin Central Executive Committee member unger Hrair Baronian was present at the meeting, as were members of the Hamazkayin Eastern U.S. Regional Executive, ungerouhis Hasmig Aprahamian and Talin Mavlian.

Hagop Melkonian presided over the meeting and delivered the welcoming remarks. Among those present were five community members who formally joined the chapter during the meeting. Over the past two years, the chapter has welcomed 17 new members.

Participants spoke about the upcoming year and proposed resolutions. One of the main objectives of the upcoming year will be to celebrate the centennial anniversary of the First Republic of Armenia, in May 2018, which also coincides with the 90th anniversary of the founding of Hamazkayin and the 50th anniversary of the local New Jersey chapter.

Participants discussed their hopes for organizing an impressive event that would potentially feature various Hamazkayin dance troupes from the East Coast, as well as a play production that would include music and dance.

The meeting also decided to re-establish the chapter’s theater committee, making it a permanent body alongside the dance troupe and the choir. It also decided that the theater company be named after Levon Shant, a paywright—and one of the co-founders of Hamazkayin.

In recent years, the New Jersey chapter of Hamazkayin has worked enthusiastically and has drawn new members—often younger ones—to its ranks, with its mission of cultivating an interest and love of culture.

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