• ArtLinks 2022

    ArtLinks 2022

    About ArtLinks Hamazkayin ArtLinks is the first North American-Armenian youth forum to link a range of renowned artists with young Armenians interested in their cultural heritage. The ArtLinks workshop environment promotes a dialogue between young Armenians and internationally recognized figures with backgrounds in creative literature, music, theater, cinema, journalism, and the …Read More »
  • Hamazkayin Summer Forum 2022

    Hamazkayin Summer Forum 2022

    ABOUT HAMAZKAYIN YOUTH FORUM Hamazkayin Student Cultural Forum was incepted in 1994 by the second Hamazkayin General Assembly in Dzaghgatsor, Armenia. Its main goal is to bridge Armenian students from all over the world. It is aimed at bringing together Armenian students in an Armenian atmosphere, to convey the Armenian …Read More »
  • <a href="">Փեթակ | PETAG</a>

    <a href="">Փեթակ | PETAG</a>

    Western Armenian Immersion Camp 2022 Petag dates are here! Hamazkayin’s Petag is a unique summer Western Armenian immersion for Armenian youth ages 10 – 14, which aims to have fun learning Armenian all through real conversation during interactive workshops, games, mealtime, and play time, all while speaking Armenian!  Համազգայինի «ՓԵԹԱԿ»ը, …Read More »
  • Apply to Armenian-Language Retreat

    Apply to Armenian-Language Retreat

    Hamazkayin May 27-29 Retreat Application Form Apply to Armenian-Language Retreat for University Students to be held in Boston on May 27-28 Hamazkayin Program features workshops and discussions with Sona Tatoyan, Kristi Rendahl, Lisa Gulesserian, and Khatchig Mouradian First & Last Name* Dr.MissMr.Mrs.Ms.Prof.Rev. Prefix First Last Email* Enter Email Confirm Email …Read More »
  • Hamazkayin Eastern Regional & New York Fund Raising Committee

    Hamazkayin Eastern Regional & New York Fund Raising Committee

    Dear Ungerhoohees and Ungers,This is an ungeragan plea asking each and every one of you to get your family members, friends and acquaintances attend and take part in Hamazkayin’s EDUCATIONAL FUNDRAISING EVENT at St. Illuminator’s Cathedral on March 13th, 2022. after church Badarak. .Ungerner, we, as a nation, are facing …Read More »