The Chicago Chapter of Hamazkayin Armenian Educational and Cultural Society

The Chicago chapter was reorganized in 1981. In 1982, the chapter founded Levon Shant Theater Company, and in 1986 the Sardarabad Dance Troupe was founded. In 2002, the chapter founded its choir group. The chapter organizes literary, choir, theater, and dance performance events within the community. In the past two decades, the chapter has participated in a two-day exhibition at a pan-cultural festival.

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Current Officers

Armen Papazian (Chairperson)
Hasmik Yesayan (Secretary)
Ani Vartanian (Treasurer)
Armine Papazian (Advisor)
Silva Panossian (Advisor)



Sardarabad Dance Ensemble

“From Sea to Sea”

Hamazkayin Chicago is proud to present “From Sea to Sea,” a special performance featuring the Sardarabad Dance Ensemble. Join us on a journey through historic Armenia through traditional and contemporary dances celebrating our rich cultural heritage.