Hamazkayin Eastern Regional & New York Fund Raising Committee

Hamazkayin Eastern Regional & New York Fund Raising Committee

Dear Ungerhoohees and Ungers,

This is an ungeragan plea asking each and every one of you to get your family members, friends and acquaintances attend and take part in Hamazkayin’s EDUCATIONAL FUNDRAISING EVENT at St. Illuminator’s Cathedral on March 13th, 2022. after church Badarak. .

Ungerner, we, as a nation, are facing unprecedented challenges targeted at many fronts, especially the education of our future generations.

Neither Artsakh nor Lebanon with its disastrous economic state, can alone face these calamities.

HAMAZKAYIN, the educational arm of ARF, has since its inception committed to face these kinds of challenges and for 94 years has upheld these cultural and educational standards.

The current problem is a national problem and its salvation depends on our financial support.

We ask you to take part in this effort and with your contribution assist our Artsakh and Lebanese brethren.

You could DOUBLE YOUR DONATION if you work for a company that has a donation-matching- policy. Please use it. This is the best way to double your donation for this worthy cause.

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