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Why support h-pem?

At Hamazkayin Armenian Educational & Cultural Society’s online platform, h-pem, we collectively explore fresh perspectives on Armenian culture, identity, and art.

Our nonprofit’s goal is to turn h-pem into the place where Armenians and non-Armenians would want to gather, discover, and share their love of Armenian culture.

All of our original content and online services are completely free. However, the costs of keeping h-pem up and running are substantial.

Your donations are vital for harnessing our platform’s potential to grow through passion and creativity.Join us in offering the rich tapestry of Armenian culture to the world!

No matter how big or small, we can make your donation go a long way!

“It’s a wonderful and long overdue idea: to have a platform where Armenian artists can share their work, where people who are curious about the richness of our culture can come and find out more, and a place where we can really have a conversation.”

Atom Egoyan, stage and film director, writer, and producer

“It’s finally here, what I’ve been dreaming of all this time is here-a kind of platform that will connect Armenians through culture, art, and other achievements.”

Vahe Berberian, painter, author, playwright and actor

“I haven’t been excited about Armenian content in a while. Thanks for changing that @hpemonline. Keep up the good work.”

Azzie Mekhitarian, academician

“Thank you for being a part of my progress and process, h-pem, and I am honored to be a part of yours now and in the future.”The Hamazkayin Armenian Educational and Cultural Endowment Fund is a registered 501©(3) non-profit charitable organization with ID # 27-2280367. Your donation is tax deductible to the extent allowable by law. No goods or services were provided by The Hamazkayin Armenian Educational and Cultural Endowment Fund in return for this contribution.

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