First Plenary Meeting in 2021 of the U.S. Eastern Regional Executive of Hamazkayin Educational and Cultural Society

The Regional Executive of Hamazkayin Educational and Cultural Society of Eastern United States conducted its first plenary meeting on July 24th, in New Jersey. The meeting convened with the attendance of all members of the newly elected Regional Executive.

Ungerouhi Arevig Caprielian, chairlady, welcomed Ungerouhiner Anny Aghajanian,

Maroush Paneyan Nigon, Hoori Samuelian, Ungerner Vartivar Keshishian, Varant Chiloyan, Khajag Arakelian, and Central Executive representative Unger Hrair Baronian. Ungerouhi Arevig thanked the executive members for their attendance and their enthusiasm in undertaking the important work of Hamazkayin. Ung. Hrair Baronian expressed his appreciation to the Regional Executive, noting their uncompromising dedication to Hamazkayin and its mission.

The extensive agenda included items inspired by the numerous resolutions put forth by

the Hamazkayin Eastern Regional 44th Representative Meeting: upcoming plans pertaining to Hamazkayin initiatives, including ArtLinks, Petag Western Armenian Immersion Camp, Children’s Playhouse Day Care Center, Mayreni Seminar, annual Dance Retreat, and Hamazkayin Knowledge Bowl; the revitalization of local Hamazkayin chapters; cooperation with sister organizations; the vital imperative of attracting Armenian youth to Hamazkayin.

The success of the “Children of Artsakh” project, spearheaded by the Central Executive of Hamazkayin was also noted and discussed. The objective of the project is to give the children who suffered the horror of war some comfort and hope by providing for their educational, cultural, and social needs in Artsakh.

Finally and inevitably, the meeting focused on the current reality in Armenia and Artsakh: the socio-economic challenges of the population and the systematic destruction of Armenian monuments and antiquities in Artsakh perpetrated by Azerbaijan.

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