Hamazkayin Knowledge Bowl


Hamazkayin Eastern Region hosts the “Hamazkayin Knowledge Bowl” (HAKB) to promote Armenian knowledge among the youth aged 8-16 across its chapters in a friendly, fun but competitive atmosphere, akin to a sports competition, but with no aching joints. Hamazkayin’s “Olympics” is successful insofar as the “best” from each city eventually meet on Skype to claim victory within an organized regional tournament. The teams that advance to the quarter finals are the ones that outcompete the local teams.


Hamazkayin Eastern Region chapters are asked to spread the word and prepare their communities. Thanks to their hard work, diligence, footwork, and inherent interest in “game show”-like knowledge competitions.


The Knowledge Bowl was inspired by similar competitions held in Armenia and was initially compared to famous game shows in America, such as “Jeopardy,” “Family Feud,” and “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” The winners are those who demonstrate the best knowledge of Armenian history and other important Armenian fields, such as art and poetry. The questions are shared with the chapters in advance. Students study ahead of the competition.


The Hamazkayin Armenian Knowledge Bowl competition is divided into two groups: a 8-11 junior age group competition and a 12-16 senior age group competition. The competitions are open to one age group per year, alternating each year. Prizes are given to the top teams. Game rules and a simple paragraph summarizing the essentials of the Knowledge Bowl are provided to all chapters along with the question booklets. Each age group participant and his/her parents receive the booklet with carefully selected questions concerning Armenian culture, music, history, and language. The questions—and study guide—are presented in both English and Armenian.


The 2024 competition is open to the 8-11 age group.

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